A love hate relationship

My favorite neighbor accidently broke our new whole-home air purifier, and i am honestly sad that I don’t have an whole-home air purifier right now, however I also don’t want to talk about it because I think that our best neighbor feels truly disappointing for accidentally chopping our whole-home air purifier.

  • I mostly had the whole-home air purifier for about a week before she broke it, but she was helping myself and others transfer it from the hour floor of our home to the very first floor.

She ended up tripping on the cord of the whole-home air purifier as she was walking down the stairs, plus she dropped the whole-home air purifier down the stairs. I felt so sad because she broke her toe, although she felt so sad due to the fact that she broke the brand new whole-home air purifier. I tried to act as if I wasn’t frustrated at all about our new whole-home air purifier being broken, although she saw right through me. I was frustrated about our whole-home air purifier because I knew that I entirely could not afford to buy another one. It took me a few weeks to save up to buy that whole-home air purifier. I am sure that our neighbor is going to try to buy myself and others a new one, however I think that she does not have the money to spend on an whole-home air purifier right now either. She wants to make it right. She will go separate from food just to buy myself and others another whole-home air purifier; I am sure. I am just hoping to save up the money to buy another whole-home air purifier before she is able to buy myself and others one. I have no clue how I will be able to do that, however I can hope.



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