A thesis about HVAC devices

I could not actually believe when I was given the job in college to write a 10 page thesis on HVAC technology plus HVAC device companies! It was part of an English writing exam plus we had a 10 day deadline to complete this absurd thesis. Why could they have not given me a subject that really interests me? I could truthfully care less about HVAC other than if the central HVAC device where I live is working to the fullest, however that is the only way I even wanna hear about HVAC! The whole subject of heating plus cooling products, HVAC technology plus HVAC companies sincerely bores the living heck out of me! But nevertheless, if I wanted to pass the exam I had to write this ridiculous 10 page thesis on HVAC devices! It took me all of free time to complete this plus do the research necessary to find more information on HVAC devices plus the Heating & A/C workers who deal with heat plus air conditioning device products every single day of their lives. When it was all over plus done with I felt like I just ran a marathon in the olympics. I did pass the exam plus got a fantastic grade on my thesis though. But it was seriously painful plus horrible! I never wanna hear anything about heating plus cooling devices again as long as I live!

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