Air conditioned tent saved the afternoon.

It was time for a family reunion, every numerous years, aunts, uncles and cousins flew or drove from around the United States to meet for a family reunion.

I never planned a single.

That was our aunts’ jobs, and I had no interest in it. However, I didn’t think a family reunion at the beach was such a superb idea, especially in the middle of summer. The location they chose had plenty of shade, but both of us really needed a locale for infants and toddlers to nap and for the more fragile family members to keep cool… After all, this was going to be an all afternoon thing; Unbeknownst to me, our aunts had a superb idea… My aunts had rented a big tent with portable air conditioner. I thought it was a superb idea!. The children and adults could have all the fun in the sun they wanted and have a locale to sit and cool off. Those people appreciate our Grandparents who didn’t care for the beach and just wanted to visit could do so in their chairs in air conditioned comfort. And fussy infants and toddlers had a cool air conditioned locale to take a nap. And then it rained. And with the rain came the humidity, but most people had a locale to sit in the cool air conditioned comfort of the tent. Another superb thing is that both of us had brought a picnic and barbecue and bugs don’t appreciate air conditioner. Every one of us all had a cool air conditioned low bug locale to care about our food. My aunts made a superb decision to rent that air conditioned tent. I should have had more faith in them.


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