Deciding the higher cost of a geothermal heat pump is worth it

That’s plenty of time to reclaim our investment.

When I initially started researching geothermal heat pumps as an choice for our new construction home, I was overwhelmed by the price, but this genre of heating and cooling idea is a lot more fancy than any other alternative. The cost is due to the excavation and implementation of an extensive underground loop system, i was tempted to discount geothermal units as simply beyond our budget, however, I did some further research and discovered that geothermal heat pumps offer a 50 to 70% higher heating efficiency and 20 to 40% higher cooling efficiency than conventional HVAC systems. They also supply a virtually free source of domestic hot water generation; Geothermal temperature control takes advantage of renewable energy. The EPA has endorsed geothermal systems as 1 of the most environmentally responsible choices on the market; Another advantage is that the components are installed indoors and underground, protecting them from exposure to the elements. They are less likely to get injured. The heat pump can be expected to last upwards of twenty years. The underground loop is warrantied for fifty years and has a life expectancy of over 100 years. That’s plenty of time to reclaim our investment. I’m also saving cash on upkeep requirements, and with fewer mechanisms and moving parts, the component is simple to maintain and less likely to suffer a malfunction. The underground loop requires no repair whatsoever. I like that the geothermal idea doesn’t have the noisy outdoor fans that are a problem with more traditional options. There’s no ugly component detracting from the aesthetics of our landscaping and no worry over fumes, hot surface or combustion byproducts.

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