Hiring a professional cleaning crew

It took me quite a few years to finally manage to open my own business. I spent several years learning the trade and saving toward the purchase of a building and equipment. Once I took that final step, the wait and effort was so worth it. My business thrived right from the start. I hired a few part time people and I managed everything from accounting and building maintenance to advertising and the basic janitorial services. I didn’t mind vacuuming the carpets and emptying the garbage. Once a week, I’d wipe down the bathrooms and surfaces throughout the office. However, once the business started to grow, there were a lot of new demands on my time. I needed to focus on expansion and hire more staff or just remain within a smaller market. I decided to take a chance and grow the business. This transition required some real adjustments. I can no longer afford to spend my time or energy acting as the cleaning guy. I wasn’t about to ask any of the people I hired to fill in as a cleaning crew. I started looking into the commercial cleaning companies available in my area. It didn’t take long to find a reputable commercial cleaning company who was reasonably priced. They now handle all of the janitorial tasks and cleaning. The bathrooms are cleaner than I ever managed. The floors always look brand new. They wash the windows, clean the floor mats, scrub the breakroom and disinfect all surfaces. It’s a pleasure to have the cleaning crew come in and optimize the health and cleanliness of our working space.

Floor cleaning business

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