I called a corporation to help with HVAC remediation after a kitchen fire

Despite having worked a few commercial kitchens over the years, I still make cooking mistakes that would have any even-handed cook’s head spinning.

The first cardinal sin is our stubbornness in never using a recipe.

There are times where I will look up the recipe for a current dish on the internet & I will check the ingredients list before closing the window & going back to the kitchen. It’s a process of me improvising everytime & never being consistent even if something turns out to be delicious. I have had family over for lunchs where I cook a table full of dishes & most people will love the food & ask for a recipe, or if I’m truly unfortunate, they’ll ask for the meal in the future & I’ll come up short. Something will be off or the spices won’t be in the same ratio with a single another & the dish simply comes out differently. The requests of recipes were constantly followed by disappointment because I never had a single that I could supply someone. These concerns are merely scratching the surface of our incompetence. The worst blunder yet has to be the time I nearly caught our kitchen on fire while cooking potato & meat pie in the oven. Oil leaked out of the pie & fell on the elements, causing the oven to start flaming as the air conditioner was cycling & pulling the soot filled smoke into the ventilation system. I had to call an HVAC remediation corporation to clean our air duct & repair any destruction to our air handler. Thankfully nothing needed to be repaired, but there was a generous layer of soot throughout that HVAC plan that simply needed to be wiped away.

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