I should have chosen a different storage unit

I should have chosen a different storage unit when I moved my stuff into one last fall.

The place that I ended up going with doesn’t have temperature controlled storage.

At the time that I moved all of my stuff in there, I really didn’t think about it being that much of an issue. After all, most of my stuff didn’t really seem like it needed to be at a constant temperature. I was just leaving furniture and kitchen items and things like that in the storage unit until I got settled into my new place. Well, I guess the old saying that you live and learn is definitely a true statement. Whenever I went to the storage unit to start loading up my stuff to go into my new apartment a couple of months later, there was a thin layer of slimy green mold on everything! I was disgusted and I complained to the storage lot manager. He said that this was precisely the reason that they offer temperature controlled units at the storage lot and that I should have just rented one of those instead. I was really annoyed about the whole thing, but I know that he was right. I guess the fact that we live in an area where it’s really hot and humid most of the time should have really tipped me off to the possibility of having mold grow all over my stuff. I guess I have a lot to learn about living in this climate. The humidity and the temperatures are way higher here than where I used to live.


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