I’m mad at my friend

My number one acquaintance accidently broke my new whole-home air purifier, but i am entirely sad that I don’t have an whole-home air purifier right now, however I also do not want to talk about it because I think that my best acquaintance feels entirely awful for accidentally breaking my whole-home air purifier. I actually only had the whole-home air purifier for about a week before she broke it; She was helping me transfer it from the hour floor of my home to the first floor. She eventually ended up tripping on the cord of the whole-home air purifier as she was walking down the stairs, as well as she dropped the whole-home air purifier down the stairs. I felt so awful because she broke her toe, even though she felt so bad due to the fact that she broke my new whole-home air purifier. I tried to act adore I wasn’t aggravated at all about my new whole-home air purifier being broken, even though she saw right through me. I was aggravated about my whole-home air purifier because I knew that I could not afford to buy another one. It took me weeks to save up to buy that whole-home air purifier. I am sure that my acquaintance is going to try to buy me a new one, but I think that she does not have the money to spend on an whole-home air purifier right now either. She wants to make it right. She will go without food just to buy me another whole-home air purifier; I am sure. I hope to save up the money to pick up another whole-home air purifier before she is able to buy me one. I have no idea how I will be able to do that, but I can hope.


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