Keep the gym, I’ll take zoned HVAC comfort

It scares me to think how many different gyms I have joined in my life.

It seems like I get this great motivation to get fit and I run out and join a gym so I can join the others in HVAC that isn’t getting the job done.

I always hated that it felt so hot & humid in those gyms and the HVAC just could never catch up. So then, I lose that momentum and stop going. However, the monthly fee is still being taken from my banking account until the contract is up. Then, I turn around and do the whole thing over again. That is the way it went for just over and decade before I wised up. Since then, I have only gotten exercise by doing outdoor activities. I even took up running for awhile. But recently, I have had problems with my joints so the running has had to stop. However, I really liked my fitness level for that few years that I was running consistently. I knew I wasn’t going back to those gyms with the bad HVAC anymore to run on their machines. So, my wife and I took a guest room and turned it into a home gym. It was easy enough to clear the space. Our kids are out of the house now. We still have one in college but the other rooms are free. Finding the exercise equipment was also pretty easy. There is so much out there that has been lightly used. You can find incredible deals. Since we wanted to have good HVAC in our home gym without changing the rest of the house’s temperature, we went with zone control.

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