Living in a corporate suite

I have been loyally working at the same job for the past 15 years… I enjoy everything about our job, especially the pay, the only thing that I truly hate is that I usually will have to travel every now as well as then, as well as long distances.

I don’t mind traveling, however some of the places are way out of state, which is too far for me. Originally, our boss thought I would be paying for staying at a temporary housing place, as well as paying for plane tickets. I told him that I would rather quit then do something appreciate that, so she changed her mind, as well as now whenever I travel, she pays for corporate suites for myself and others to live in. I don’t mind travelling as much when she pays for most of our stuff, but I would still enjoy to stay home. The corporate apartments I live in are incredibly nice, as well as are furnished apartments. It is incredibly nice to arrive as well as not have to worry about unpacking a whole bunch of stuff, only the basic necessities. One of the best parts is the maintained house I live in is only a few hours from where I work. I should only be living in this furnished rental for another month while I finish up our toil here. Then, I will head back current home as well as continue our job back there… Although I already recognize that I will really be travelling again in the next few months. All as well as all, our job is fairly reasonable as well as simple, so I don’t mind that much, and just wish there was a little bit less travelling.



Short term house for rent

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