Making my sunroom a year round place to be

Having grown up in the far north of the country, I was fairly accustomed to having long, cold and dark winters.

These winters seemed to go on forever.

The hope of spring was the thing that I held onto all those years to get through the worst of the winter. That and a whole lot of HVAC heating. I longed for a time when I could actually enjoy a winter from a sunroom. That dream finally became a reality when my husband and I retired in the south. This was something that we had planned for a long time. And I even got to have my sunroom. We had it added to the small house we bought when we retired. And it has been a dream come true. I love spending my winter days out there watching the birds and enjoying the warm sunshine. However, with all that winter bliss comes the reality of summer. Around here, there is a whole lot of heat to contend with and we manage well thanks to great HVAC. Our HVAC heat pump does a superior job of cooling the house. To keep the HVAC cooling bills reasonable, we try not to keep the house but about 15 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. However, this had severely limited my time in the sunroom. But we have solved that this year. We just had a ductless HVAC unit installed in the sunroom. This is independent controlled and serves just the sunroom. Now, I can cool off the sunroom and enjoy it year round. It’s even going to be nice to knock the chill off in the winter.

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