My AC filters are 30% cheaper if you buy them in bulk on the internet

After having to stay indoors more often lately, I like many others have moved to buying many of my groceries and essentials over the internet.

I wanted to do this years ago, but it wasn’t easy trying to find food products, even if they were non-perishable, on any sort of website. When Amazon started offering a pantry section, sometimes you’d have to wait a week to receive your shipment, even if you were using Prime. Thankfully things have changed in the time since then. Many other companies have taken on Amazon and its market share in online shopping. Some of the largest grocery store chains in the country have put their inventory online and allow customers to make pickup orders before heading to the store. Many of them are also offering home delivery if you pay a small fee. For all other orders, you can purchase the item online and have it shipped via one postal service versus another. This is exactly how I buy the filters for my air conditioner. The hardware store near my house sells my particular filter for $15; but, if I go on their website, I can bulk order the same filter for $5 a piece by ordering 10 at a time. If you can afford to buy 10 air conditioner filters at once, it’s a huge savings. Granted, this method gives you enough HVAC filters for nearly a year, but you’ll see the savings quickly. If I need something additional for my air conditioner or furnace, I allow my heating and cooling contractor to handle it. I never try to repair something as complex and expensive as a central HVAC system.


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