No air conditioning at hair salon

Every six weeks, I make an appointment at the local salon to have my hair cut and colored.

I sometimes treat myself to a manicure and pedicure as well.

Since I work a full-time job, handle the upkeep of a very large home and am raising four small children, my life is rather hectic. I look forward to spending a couple of hours getting pampered at the salon. This past July, my appointment was a very unpleasant experience. When I arrived at the salon, I learned that their air conditioner had malfunctioned the night before. With an outside temperature of eighty-six degrees and high humidity, the salon felt extremely overheated and sticky. They definitely should have called me and provided the opportunity to reschedule my appointment. Instead, they offered me a bottled water and promised the air conditioner would be fixed shortly. They had an HVAC technician already working on the cooling system. Throughout the process of coloring, washing and cutting my hair, I watched the technician carry his tools around, climb up and down a ladder, and walk to and from his truck. He fiddled with the thermostat and at one point managed to get hot air to pour from the cooling vents. I sat under the hair dryer with sweat running down my face. I decided against getting my nails done and was simply anxious to get out of there. By the end of my appointment, the air conditioner still wasn’t operational. Before my next trip to the salon, I’ll give them a call and make sure the air conditioner is running properly.

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Commercial building needs to be updated to zone control

I share a commercial building with another business.

I run a dance studio out of one side of the building, and a jewelry store occupies the other side.

The arrangement works out fairly well in most ways. The jewelry store is open from nine to five on Monday thru Friday and a few hours on Saturday mornings. My students don’t start arriving on weekdays until 4 PM and I start early and work all day long on the weekends. Our main concern is that the thermostat is located inside the jewelry store and controls the entire building. When my neighbor locks up his store for the night, I have no way of making any adjustment to temperature. We have both agreed to save energy whenever possible to trim our overhead. Unfortunately, my neighbor sometimes forgets my schedule. He’ll turn the heat way down when he leaves on Saturday and my students shiver until I can get him to turn up the thermostat. Sometimes the temperature in the late spring is fairly mild during the early part of the day. By the time my students arrive, the building is overheated, humid and uncomfortable. Unless the jewelry store is open for business, I’m unable to start up the air conditioner. I’ve spoken to the landlord on numerous occasions about this problem. The solution is simple and affordable. The heating and cooling system needs to be updated to zone control with a separate thermostat for each business. We’d both save money on our energy bills and be happier. So far, my landlord has been uncooperative and I refuse to pay for the service on my own.
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What is SEM and how does it work

What is SEM exactly? It stands for search engine marketing but goes by other names like PPC, CPC and CTR. SEM is a strategy that businesses use to help their website rank better on google. Just say that you have a HVAC business and you want to be on page one of google. You can use SEO, which is search engine optimization. You can have a website and use targeted words on your site to help the site rank better on google. Sometimes SEO involves social media marketing. The social media pages like Facebook take pictures and ads from your actual website to then display on their platform. This is not the same as using SEM though. SEM are those few websites highlighted way at the top of google. You pay for that spot. Everytime a person clicks on the link, you pay for the privilege. Hence the name pay per click right? Search engine marketing depends on keywords typed into google. You can target things like heater repair, AC tune up or HVAC maintenance. When someone types those into google, your company name will then pop up. Why even bother with SEO then? These two tactics are similar, but do help out a business in very different ways. Just because SEM gets people to the website, it doesn’t mean they stay there. SEO makes sure the website is user friendly, easy to navigate and contains all the necessary information a potential buyer is looking for. If your website is not optimized, then you are wasting money paying for that click since the buyer is leaving in a matter of seconds.

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An SEO company working with a sales business

I work for an SEO company that makes websites and helps them rank better on google.

  • We handle all sorts of businesses like plumbing, cannabis, and personal training.

The main bulk of our work forms around HVAC however. A separate business goes out to HVAC dealers and gets them interested in SEO. The owner of this business, John, goes to the different dealers and talks to them about the importance of a website. He explains what search engine marketing is and how using links to target ads will help them out. Once the HVAC dealer is interested, they sign up for a package with John and then he contacts our business. We then make the website, provide social media posts and do targeted links on google to help the business rank high. We never talk to the HVAC dealer or have to sell to them. The only thing we are responsible for is the service. Well, John broke tradition and did a business trip to a big city. Instead of talking to individual HVAC dealers, he talked to an owner or a HVAC branch. The guy handles a variety of HVAC equipment and ships to over 30 different dealerships. He is a big fish that could really launch us. So John wanted someone with real SEO knowledge in the meeting. I was the lucky guy that got drafted to do this. It was not a fun business trip at all. It was nice getting to showcase my skills and knowledge though. I am worried the HVAC branch guy had no idea what I was saying.

Online marketing business

Starting his online marketing business

Everyone knew my brother Kevin was going to do great things.

Any job he had, quickly he would rise to a management position.

He never seemed to have a specific business he liked either. So when my brother graduated college with a communications degree, my family knew he could go anywhere or do anything. He happened to fall into online marketing for HVAC businesses. He is great with a computer, coding, web building and learning anything technology based. He worked for a digital marketing company for around 3 years, was promoted to manager and then left to form his own SEO business. He now has four people as part of the web design team. There are three digital analysts on the team too. He has a finance guy and two salesmen. For a guy under 30, he has quite the impressive business and marketing team on his hands. What is interesting is that mainly his SEO company handles is HVAC providers. Apparently the world of HVAC is moving from word of mouth to using internet marketing strategies. Kevin is capitalizing on this. The HVAC dealers have very limited knowledge of google and don’t even understand what something like search engine marketing is. Thankfully my brother is good at what he does. He is great at managing all his people and providing a service that works. The HVAC dealerships are getting more calls than ever and their websites are seeing a lot of traffic. It is all thanks to what my brother and his online marketing team is doing for them.
Online marketing company

Luckily I got started in SEO

I did four years in college, a year of student teaching and passed six certification tests. After all that was done, I realized I did not want to be a teacher. Where do you go from there? For me I just applied to any jobs that would require a bachelor’s degree. Thankfully I was picked up by an SEO company to work in the digital marketing department. To start out with, I basically was writing content for the web design team. We would get HVAC dealers signing up for a website, social media and PPC. I would create the content for the website and a different team member would put in on the site and it would go live. I started out not knowing anything about HVAC. After working for over a year, mainly writing HVAC content, I have gotten quite proficient at it. I did not only want to write HVAC content though. I actually wanted to help these HVAC dealers and get more traffic online. I then expanded my job into handling the social media posting for the HVAC corporations. I handle twitter, facebook and google plus posts. I then started handling google ads and SEM strategies for the companies. I now have been talking to my boss about possibly joining the web team. My technology skills have seriously advanced since I have been with the company. I am really good at picking up new things and retaining them. I would love to write the content and then create the website for these HVAC companies. Additionally, it is the last step of the SEO process that I don’t know how to do yet.
Online marketing

Messing up the social media posts for a HVAC company

I work for an SEO business and I handle the social media posts for our companies.

Typically the companies we make websites for are HVAC ones.

I would say about 90% of my social media posts have to do about heating and cooling. I have gotten quite good about learning what to say. In the fall I talk all about getting a heating tune up or how necessary furnace maintenance is. The winter I make a point to talk about the heater quitting and relying on emergency service. Springtime is where I focus on cleaning. I highlight indoor air quality products, air filter changes or getting ductwork professionally cleaned. The summer then moves into AC repair, service and installation. I do an easy rotation schedule of topics. I do mess up sometimes because the companies are so similar. Most HVAC companies offer 24/7 emergency service, but not every one. Most places push to have their technicians NATE certified. I have to double check for each company just in case though. Some are family owned and operated, while others boast they only handle Carrier products. The worst is when the HVAC providers have similar names. Last month I made a mistake and posted on facebook for a company but used the wrong name. Sadly, the other name was a competitor of theirs too. Needless to say they were not happy. Not only did I basically say that we help the competition, but I also let them know I don’t read the names all too careful. My boss wasn’t happy about that.




Hating the moving process

I hate switching apartments and try to avoid moving if possible.

Two years ago, I got a promotion at work. I started making quite a bit more money and decided I wanted a better apartment. Unfortunately, my lease was up in early January. I ended up moving during a blizzard. With the heat shut off in my apartment and an outside temperature of negative twelve, I packed up all of my stuff and loaded it into a moving van. I drove that huge van over icy roads and through white-out conditions to the new apartment building. I was very thankful for the freight elevator because I made countless trips between the parking lot and my apartment on the tenth floor. Moving and setting up my possessions was a time-consuming and exhausting experience, but I’m very happy with the improvement in accommodations. Rather than renting a small apartment in an older house, I’m now in an apartment building. The building includes some really convenient amenities, such as a fitness center, game room and very large outdoor swimming pool. In my apartment I have access to a washer and dryer, smart thermostat and balcony. My kitchen is decked out with granite countertops, recessed lighting and stainless steel appliances. The apartment also includes two bathrooms and fantastic water pressure in the showers. My lease is coming up in a couple of months and there will be a significant increase in the cost of my rent. I have researched other apartment buildings but am reluctant to move. I would pay just about anything to avoid the packing up, hauling and setting up process again.


Apartments With A Balcony

Staying in apartment despite problems with it

The windows were huge and there were high ceilings with tiffany pendant lights.

For about three years, I lived in a terribly cramped and rundown apartment. It was actually part of an older house that had been converted into two separate apartments. I lived in the downstairs and a newly married couple lived in the upstairs. The other renters liked to throw very large parties on the weekends. Their music kept me up late into the night. I was constantly disrupted by people walking up and down the stairs. In the morning, I’d find plastic cups and beer bottles on the front porch, in the garden and littering the lawn. Plus, the upstairs neighbors had a dog who liked to spend the day barking. They were not good about picking up the dog’s droppings and I had to be careful when walking up the sidewalk. Needless to say, I was not happy with the upstairs tenants. Since I work from home, they were a constant aggravation. I stayed in that apartment for three years because the rent was extremely reasonable, and I liked the location. I was walking distance to the best restaurants, bars and shops in the city. Although the house was extremely old, I enjoyed the charm of it. I had hardwood floors throughout my apartment with solid hardwood doors and ornate molding. The windows were huge and there were high ceilings with tiffany pendant lights. Unfortunately, the appliances were also very outdated. I had trouble keeping milk from spoiling in the old refrigerator and the oven tended to burn everything. The dishwasher rarely worked, and the heating and cooling system were terribly inefficient.


Reluctant to move out of nice apartment

My boyfriend, Andy and I lived together in an apartment for four years before we got engaged.

We hoped to buy our own home as soon as we got married.

We quickly discovered that finding a home, within our price range, that meets all of our demands is nearly impossible. Andy and I have now been married for four years and we are still living in the same apartment. We recently signed another year’s lease. We continue to spend our weekends checking real estate listings and touring various houses for sale. We’ve had absolutely no luck. I think one of the biggest problems is that we are so happy with our apartment. The apartment is spacious, modern and equipped with all sorts of modern amenities. I have a stainless steel convection stove and matching refrigerator and dishwasher. There is a separate laundry room with a brand new stackable washer and dryer. The entire apartment is equipped with radiant floor heating and zone control. The heating equipment is completely hidden, totally silent and wonderfully energy efficient. There is no way we could afford to install radiant heating, smart thermostats and an air purification system after buying a house. At our apartment, we have covered parking, a good sized backyard and we’re located within walking distance of all sorts of bars and restaurants. Plus, our landlord is really wonderful. If I call with any type of problem, he immediately focuses on providing a solution. Andy and I have offered to buy the building several times. We’d much rather just stay where we are.