We are putting in a home gym

We are going to be putting in a home gym and it’s going to need heating and cooling.

The problem is that we don’t want to have to pay the money to run ductwork for it.

I guess this tends to be a problem for a lot of people when they are doing additions or renovations at their homes because when I talked to our HVAC contractor about it, he wasn’t surprised in the least. He said that a lot of people are actually surprised at the high cost involved with running new ductwork when you are doing a renovation in your home. It’s actually more expensive than you might think. Plus, you actually run the risk of connecting your old HVAC system with new ductwork and then the whole thing might not even work correctly. That’s because sometimes your older HVAC system that you use for the rest of your home just might not be powerful enough to take on all of the extra space for your addition or your remodeling project. He told us that a lot of people don’t ever even take that into consideration. At this point, I don’t know if running extra ductwork for the home gym is the way that we should even go. I’m leaning toward another solution that the HVAC contractor suggested which is something called a ductless mini split A/C system. These powerful little HVAC units are able to provide both heating and cooling for smaller spaces without having to run new ductwork at all. That sounds like a win to me.

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Needing new ways to save energy, door stops

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been worried about money.

  • I’m not from one of those families that’s financially supportive or generous.

It’s just me, out here surviving on my own as best as I can. And that’s only getting harder and harder. I mean, I think a lot of us are worried about air quality and air temperature these days. I can tell you that I am, and it’s not because I have any immune system issues, temperature sensitivities, or allergies to worry about. Just my immune system health, energy bills, and HVAC equipment expenses. This is why air purification and treatment is all that I ever think about these days. I’ve installed a ton of air temperature control devices in my home to help remove unwanted humidity and contaminants, but I’m still not super confident with my heating, cooling, and air quality control system or my inefficient house. To be honest, it seems like at least half of my energy is devoted to running the heating, cooling, and air quality equipment without ever achieving my thermostat settings. My air handling equipment stopped being able to combat the heat two years ago, which is placing a great deal of pressure on the entire central air handling plan. I’ve been very good about calling the professional HVAC dealership, but nothing has changed. Now, it’s been months of AC repairs and renovations without noticeable air quality improvements. So, I decided that it was time to do something without touching the AC unit, itself. Instead of creating more cool air, I decided to try to contain the air conditioned air inside my little house more efficiently. This is when I went out and purchased door stops to keep my home sealed up tightly. They swing my doors closed in a jiffy, and I never have to watch dollar bills float outside along with my air conditioned air. Since sealing up my house with doorstops, things have been much cooler and calmer around here.

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I argued for the zone controlled method

Sometimes there are super simple solutions to things that aren’t working well, but they take a little extra time and effort to figure out.

That being said, if someone is trying to offer you new information to resolve an ongoing issue, why not just listen to them? I have this problem all the time. No one in this family ever listens to me. They only want to keep doing what they do – living the same way they always have. And that’s still the case, even if it’s an inefficient, dirty, and unreliable way to live. In my home, there are a lot of issues with indoor air handling devices. We manage to avoid a lot of family drama over the heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment at our home, but that’s because we won’t talk about our respective temperature preferences. My parents control the heating, cooling, and air quality control settings and you’d sincerely better not say a word about how the air temperature setting fits with your own temperature needs. They never want to invest in our indoor air temperature solutions, and therefore, we aren’t even allowed to touch the temperature control device. For years, I’ve been telling my family about zone controlled heating and cooling as a way to reduce our thermostat reliance and energy bills each month, not to mention the amount of screaming we do around here… but no one listens. Instead, my parents continually call the HVAC company to keep up with the outdoor climate changes and pay for a ton of professional repair appointments. It took one of our HVAC techs to mention zone controlled heating and cooling before they considered making the change.
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Relocating my life for better air temperature control

Do you know anyone with a faulty internal thermostat? I swear, I don’t have a working body when it comes to my temperature regulation efforts.

As a result, I have to spend a lot of money on my heating, cooling, and air quality control efforts just to stay comfy.

You would probably think my family would consider my lifelong temperature problem and offer solid homeowning advice about air temperature control with this in mind. But, they didn’t. Two years ago as I was looking for a new home, no one offered me useful heating and cooling advice. I never heard anyone mention the importance of the entire heating, cooling, and air quality control system, so I never really thought about one HVAC system being more powerful than another. As a result, I’ve been living with terrible indoor air for years. Apparently ancient HVAC systems without any professional maintenance are not what I need to live comfortably. Having a low quality heating, cooling, and ductwork system is the worst thing for sensitive bodies and I’m constantly unhappy. For months I’ve been shivering and sweating my life away. Meanwhile, the HVAC shop down the road has been raking in the big bucks on my air temperature control needs. It has gotten so disruptive in my home with uncomfortable hot and cold patches throwing my body for a loop every day, that I eventually decided to move. My hope for a higher quality HVAC already installed in my new home is the only way for me to get away from this hot and cold hell. I really don’t want to move, but I can’t keep living in such unpredictable conditions.



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Better HVAC – get your tune ups

I am no handyman, and I want to make that clear.

  • I don’t know the first thing about fixing things or working on machinery, and I like to think that’s why my heating and cooling system has been nearly destroyed.

It’s not because I”m stupid, just ignorant. I guess you can’t just leave your central AC unit and furnace for 10 years and hope for the best. You apparently have to pay attention to your indoor air handling devices if you want to make sure that your heating, cooling, and air quality control system stays in good working order. Well, no one ever told me. If you don’t regularly consider your indoor air temperature control devices, you’re shooting yourself in the foot on energy bills and subsequent heating and cooling repair appointments. I really wish that I learned this lesson soon about indoor air quality control and heating, cooling, and ventilation system maintenance so I could have saved some money. Now, I had realized that my indoor air quality was taking a hit, thanks to its failure to ever reach my thermostat settings. Seeing the energy costs rise didn’t make me feel great, either… but the final straw was the day my whole HVAC system broke down. Clearly, I never worried about my AC unit or furnace before, and I now was shocked by the need for a professional HVAC repair appointment. When the HVAC worker told me about my heating and cooling devices, he had horrible news. My AC and furnace were destroyed by mismanagement. Apparently, a life without tuneups isn’t great for your heating and cooling system. Too bad it took a professional HVAC appointment to find out about the need for professional HVAC appointments.

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The lady thought we were late, so she called someone else

My co-worker and I went to a residential address this morning to install a heat pump and brand new air conditioner. My coworker and I left the HVAC workshop at the same time, but I got stuck at a red light. I arrived at the address about 15 minutes after my co-worker. He was standing in the front yard talking to the owner of the house. I couldn’t hear any part of the conversation, but the lady seemed to be upset. I got out of my HVAC work truck and walked over to the spot where my co-worker and the homeowner were talking. The homeowner thought we were going to install the heat pump and air conditioner the previous day. Someone in the office got the date wrong and there was a mix-up about the installation service. The homeowner thought we never showed up the previous day and she decided to call a different HVAC company to complete the job. That company was scheduled to arrive at her place in less than one hour. I honestly didn’t know what to say to the customer. I apologize for the confusion and I tried to offer a discount if she used our company. She was still very upset and honestly believed that we did not show up on the previous day. My coworker and I loaded all of our tools into the truck and we drove back to the shop. We spent the rest of the day helping around the office since the day of events were already scheduled to everyone else.
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The rental property had a problem with mice in the ductwork

After my wife and I got married, we bought a small piece of property and fixed up the house.

We lived in that small house for 5 years and then we decided to buy a bigger house.

We were going to sell the first house, but we decided to use the property as a rental income. After all, the place was nearly paid off since we got a great deal on the property. At first, it was very difficult to find qualified renters for the property. Once my wife and I began to use a realtor service, we didn’t have any problem with our tenants. The last set of tenants had a lease that was over in June. When the tenants moved out of the property, my wife and I had to perform an exhaustive cleaning. The tenants left the place looking like trash and there was a terrible odor in the whole place. While my wife and I were cleaning the house, we heard some strange sounds coming from the ductwork above the kitchen. I decided to get in the attic to see if I could hear more strange sounds. It didn’t take long for me to recognize the sound of mice in the ductwork. I called an HVAC contractor as soon as possible and I made an appointment for the guy to check on the ductwork. We had to close the rental property for 3 months while we dealt with the infestation of mice in our ductwork. It was a huge issue, but we finally have the place back on the market.


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I was forced to call a mobile RV mechanic to fix the AC

My family and I have been living in an RV since the beginning of the pandemic.

It has been one interesting and weird experience.

We decided to move out of our home when everything got serious. We were already talking about selling our house and the pandemic made everything move a lot more quickly. We didn’t know the first thing about RV ownership when we bought our 30 foot trailer with three slide outs and an awning. We had a lot of information to learn quickly. We had to learn how to raise and lower the RV and we had to learn how to replace the fuses and the breakers. We nearly lost the railer one time when I forgot to secure the locking mechanism. Two months after we bought the RV, we were camped out in a desert location and the outdoor temperature was 85 degrees. There wasn’t a single tree anywhere in sight and we had the sun beating down on our roof 18 hours during the day. My wife and I were having trouble with the AC unit. We didn’t know how to fix the problem with the AC, so we were forced to call a repair service. We had to call a mobile RV mechanic to fix the AC, because many of the places in town only serviced residential homes. By the time we fixed the AC and cleaned all of the ductwork in the RV, we spent almost $400 in total. So far, that is the most expensive repair we have been forced to complete on our new mobile villa.



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My sales commission have been taking a hit since the virus began

Ever since the virus began a few months ago, my sales commissions have taken a huge hit.

I get a small hourly wage for my work as a heating and air conditioning repair service technician.

The bulk of my money each week comes from sales. I used to earn about six or seven hundred dollars every week and sales commissions. Since the beginning of the virus, sales have been half of that amount. I’m losing money every week because nobody wants to call the HVAC repair service unless it is an emergency. I can absolutely understand why we are all hesitant to have a repair service in our home, and I know this is why our sales have been affected. I have one or two new installation service requests each week and lately they have been air filtration equipment. A few of our customers have expressed interest in air filtration systems and air purifiers. Those machines are really hard to install and the service installation takes most of the day. Unfortunately, I have a ton of bills to pay like the water, electric, mortgage, and car payment. I can’t afford to wait until this virus ends. I tried to talk to the car company about my HVAC sales and commissions, but they weren’t interested in hearing any reason why the payment was late. I hope that people will start using our services again after the quarantine has been lifted. I know it can be scary, but everything is going to be fine by July. We just have to pray for the virus to go away.

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Ventilation system improves air quality

I like living in an area that provides four distinctive seasons.

I enjoy the change in the weather.

In the fall, the leaves are absolutely gorgeous and the air is crisp and cool. Our winters bring severe cold and snow, but I like to ski, snowmobile and bundle up in sweaters. The springtime temperatures are unpredictable. We get a lot of rain, and it’s exciting to see the first flowers and green leaves on the trees. During the summer, I thoroughly appreciate temperatures in the upper eighties. The changing conditions can cause some issues and expense. It’s necessary to rely on either a heating or cooling system just about all year round. The expense of maintaining a comfortable home is a huge drain on the budget. Because of this, I’ve taken a great deal of energy saving measures. I’ve caulked, weatherstripped, insulated and tried to tighten up the home and eliminate waste. I hope to prevent freezing cold or overheated air from coming in while also stopping my conditioned air from leaking out. Creating a tight thermal envelope minimizes my monthly utility costs. However, it also eliminates natural ventilation. The indoor environment can become stale, stuffy and polluted. Contaminants become trapped inside. The solution is a ventilation system that brings in fresh, clean air without wasting energy. In fact, the ventilation system uses the outgoing air to preheat the incoming air during the winter. It lessens the workload of the furnace while also improving air quality and comfort. In the summer, the influx of fresh air helps to lessen humidity levels and the demands on the air conditioner.

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