Air conditioning helped my burn

I had recently burnt my hand pretty bad while cooking.

I had to go to the doctor to get some special cream to help it heal it was that bad.

But that was not the only thing that helped me. I had some pain pills that were given to me as well. However what really helped reduce the pain was my central air conditioning system. Everytime my central air conditioning system would come on I would put my hand by the air vent and it would sooth like like nothing else could. The cool air from my central air conditioning system was so cool that it worked almost like an ice pack of sorts. I discovered this on my own when I was redjusting the air vents of the central heating and air conditioning system one day after my burn. And the good thing about this is, that when I am sitting on my couch relaxing or watching TV, the air vents of the central heating and air conditioning system are right above me and come blowing straight down. So all I have to do is just place my hand in the middle of the air flow and I have instant relief of any pain that may be coming on during the healing process. Because of the central air conditioning being such a help, I have not even had to take many pain pills. Which is good for me, because I hate taking any kind of drugs and avoid them every way possible. And I have my quality central air conditioning system to thank for this resolution here!

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It was a wise idea

And I had the same results as if I had spent thousands that I didn’t have on a whole home air purification system! I was so happy with the advice my friend gave me that I thanked him by taking him out to lunch one Saturday afternoon

I was looking to clean the indoor air quality of my home. However I did not have the cash to invest in a whole home air purification system or even a UV air purifier of any kind. There was another option that would work for me within my affordability though, which I found out from a friend of mine. And that was to buy 3 portable air purification systems and distribute them throughout the house. This was a very wise idea of my friend’s and a great choice I made. Because I took the advice and bought 3 portable air purification systems as suggested. It worked like a charm! Within a few weeks of having the portable air purification systems distributed evenly around my house I found that the indoor air quality was not only improved, but it was near perfect! I had never had this great of air quality in my home in who knows how long. It only cost me about little under four hundred dollars to get all of this going. And I had the same results as if I had spent thousands that I didn’t have on a whole home air purification system! I was so happy with the advice my friend gave me that I thanked him by taking him out to lunch one Saturday afternoon. I wanted to tell everyone I knew about this neat little solution to cleaning the indoor air quality in your home without spending a bundle on a whole home air purification system. It really works well!

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Holiday baking

Both to keep the most perfect temperature control in the kitchen and to keep the air flow moving

I absolutely love baking with my wife at the holidays! Most hubbys won’t get near a kitchen. But I am different than your common man. You see I always loved to cook and bake since I was a kid. I almost became a chef at one point but my career path took a different direction. So when the holidays arrive and my wife is baking cookies and all other kinds of goodies I am a great help to her with my almost professional baking knowledge. One thing I always make sure and do is have a portable air conditioning system by the kitchen when we are baking. The portable air conditioning system helps keep the kitchen from getting overheated from all the oven heat coming out all over the place. The portable air conditioning system also helps the air flow and keeps it going. When you are doing as much baking as we do at the holidays, the air quality can get to be pretty still and almost stale if you do not have some kind of air flow going on. And this is where the portable air conditioning system comes in. It works multi purpose. Both to keep the most perfect temperature control in the kitchen and to keep the air flow moving. This was a trick I taught to my wife and she really is impressed by it. Not many people know the benefits a portable air conditioning system can have in the winter when it comes to doing a lot of baking in your home kitchen!

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I am going to miss my gym when I move

My husband and I recently bought a house an hour down south away from the city.

There are pros and cons to this move.

Being in the city is a little more dangerous and noisier. There are also no homes that have property. However, being near all the shops, bars and businesses is really nice. After our move down south, there will be literally nothing to do. There are three restaurants, one bar and the grocery store is quite pathetic. What really is going to hurt is that there is no body wellness center. I have been spoiled these past two years. I have been exclusively training at a high end gym. I pay out of the butt for a gym membership but it is worth it. I go every single day to do some form of work out. The gym has a swimming pool, hot tub and sauna area. There are also stationary bikes that I can take a spin class or just do what I want. There is a weightlifting section and an open space to stretch. I even have the option to do personal training if I want to. I have gotten spoiled always having quality fitness gear and instruction at my fingertips. Once my husband and I move, I won’t have either of those. I found that our new house has an outdoor shed that could be converted into a gym. Then what? I don’t know how to work out without tons of gear. That will be a hefty expense right after buying a house.


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Since COVID I can’t go to my gym

If the coronavirus keeps going for much longer I am going to gain back the weight I lost.

Right before COVID hit I was going to a personal training center five days a week.

I got one on one attention and sometimes did a group fitness class with a personal trainer. I made sure I rotated what class and what I had the fitness expert target. I had lost a whole bunch of weight in my tummy, legs and arms. I also noticed that I was slowly starting to build muscle. Well, now with social distancing, my gym is not open. I can’t do personal training privately either. The gym is hoping to open in a month. I have been without a good workout for almost three months now. All my progress is going away and I don’t know what to do. Any person I find online giving work out videos is terrible. I also don’t have any fitness equipment at home. Why would I? The gyms provided everything I needed. Now I basically have a yoga mat and one 4 pound weight. That is hardly enough to get a decent work out. I have thought about tracking down my personal trainer and seeing if he would coach me online. I would do zoom or some other app with him. I need my certified fitness expert specifically to help me. I am going nuts not knowing what to do and watching my body revert back to what it was. It is so discouraging seeing those months working out wasted.

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Takes way longer when my sister comes

My sister and I both work out at the core progression fitness center.

My sister tries to go together all the time.

When I go with my sister I know that I am not going to get as good of a work out and it will take more time. She only wants to do yoga classes and not difficult ones. My sister wants to do a lot of breathing, finding peace and holding easy poses. She also takes forever in the locker room once class is over. While we are in town she wants to run errands too. A work out with my sister takes about three hours out of my day. I way prefer going on my own to work out. I leave super early in the morning and I hit the physical training class offered. I love that the class does a bunch of weight lifting and high intensity work. I get super sweaty, sore and tired afterwards. It is a full hour where I just work as hard as possible. Right after class I practically sprint to the locker room to shower and change clothes. If I do have errands I look like I am being chased through the grocery store. I basically want to get in and get out so I can go home. I am really impressed that, from my driveway and back, if I can do my work out and shop in under two hours. If I am really moving I can do that. It is hard always telling my sister no. So sometimes I take one for the team.


Locker room

I love my personal trainer keeping things new

I go to the health and fitness center in town three days a week.

The certified fitness expert running the class is amazing.

The guy makes class super different each week. There are a couple of things I can expect though. What is really nice is the things my trainer has our class do are fitness things I would never normally do. The fitness expert loves making us jump rope. We all have our own rope and he makes us run with the rope, turn or just straight jump for almost five minutes straight. It is an excellent way to warm up and make me feel like I am going to die. Another thing he loves doing is having us do tuck jumps. When he says we are doing an ab day, I know tuck jumps are coming up. By the end of the class my whole belly is super unhappy. For weightlifting, the group of us will sometimes use weighted poles or toss medicine balls back and forth. I have none of this equipment or a partner at home, so it is nice to do it at class. The personal trainer is also great at motivating everyone to keep pushing. If left alone I would totally dog it and hardly do the exercises. The certified fitness expert walks around like a drill sergeant and calls you out when you stop. He also keeps class moving and changing so nobody is bored. There is always something new and exciting going on. I love not knowing what to expect except that I am getting a good workout.

The only weakness I have is candy

My husband surprised me with a tropical vacation for my birthday.

The two of us are going to spend ten days just laying around on a beach.

I am really looking forward to relaxing and being with my husband. The thing I am worried about is looking good in my swimsuit. I actually work out really hard and it shows. My arms, legs and butt all are super toned. I do a variety of cardio and weightlifting workouts to make sure my body is well rounded. My weakness is candy. I can’t help myself but pound something heavy in chocolate and sugar everyday. I always have candy on hand that I am munching on. There is always a time of day I want it too. I feel my candy habit is worse than smoking or drinking alcohol. I can easily get my source and I am not ashamed of having it. Well I have noticed in my belly that I eat as much candy as possible. My whole body looks great except for maybe three pounds of belly fat. The simple solution would be to stop eating candy. I have tried and failed because I am like a full blown addict. I see that my body wellness center offers nutritional counseling. I am thinking about talking to someone at the gym about it. I wonder if having a health plan would keep me away from candy. Is there a way to wean off the amount of candy I am consuming? It might not hurt just asking a few questions.

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Need to target certain areas

I do a gymnastic based workout every day.

I am starting to see that while I get an awesome work out, I should take at least one day a week to do something different.

I have thought about contacting a personal trainer one day a week to keep my workouts different. While tumbling does hit basically all the muscles, there are certain areas that are getting shafted. For example, I do aerial cartwheels every week. This is a no handed cartwheel that I do from a standing position, from a hop and I do tons of drills preparing for it. Since I push off of one leg, only one butt cheek is getting the work. I have a seriously underdeveloped butt cheek. Another issue is that my triceps get so much work with back handsprings and handstands. I have noticed that my inner arm/bicep area never gets touched. I really need to lift some weights to hit that portion of my arm. I am hopeful that a certified fitness expert will be able to notice these things without me telling him. I want to do an hour private class where the guy just works me. It would be nice not having to tumble one day. I get where I have trouble doing a straddle, split and bridge since I have pushed it all during the week. I really just want to target specific areas and maybe work on heavy cardio. Who knows, if the instruction turns out to be beneficial I might up my days. I am not going to compete professionally. I just do tumbling for fun and to look good.


Health center

Getting in shape for my sister’s wedding

My sister Andy is getting married and I don’t want to look overweight at her wedding.

My sister of course picked the worst type of dress for a bridesmaid too.

She picked this hideous pale green, clingy dress. It basically wraps my tummy like a sausage. I am not the most physical person and the dress shows it. I basically look four months pregnant in the outfit she chose. So now what I have been doing anticipating the big day is going to the core progression near me. This gym thankfully offers semi-private to private fitness training. I get a certified fitness expert working just with me three days a week. Two days a week I share the guy with a small class of people. The last two days in my week I either ride my bike, swim or go for a run. I am determined that I am going to lose weight. What is nice is that everyday hits a different area of my body. My private fitness training has me doing all ab work since that is where I want to lose weight the most. I do tons of crunches and leg drops. I do superman holds and hollow positions. My belly hurts so bad after class. When I am with the group there is a lot of weight lifting for our arms. On my days at home is where I am getting cardio work. I am really hopeful that I will look good for Andy’s wedding. I don’t want to be embarrassed to put on the dress.
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