The A/C machine definitely needs to be fixed

There is definitely something wrong with my air conditioning machine! It’s not that the residence isn’t cooling down enough, though.

Commonly that’s what you stop and think of when you consider an air conditioning machine that’s not working. That’s not the problem that I’m having in my residence, though. It’s the end of the summertime, and the weather is actually cooling off around here after a long, tepid summertime. I went to turn the thermostat up because the two of us finally didn’t need to run the air conditioning machine anymore. I was pretty thrilled about being able to turn the air conditioning machine off because the cooling bills had been entirely expensive all summertime. However, when I turned the switch on the thermostat to the off position, nothing happened. I mean, the switch flipped to the right position and everything, but the nippy air kept right on blowing out of the air vents. I was standing right next to a single one of the air conditioning machine vents and I thought that it was a little bit crazy that the air conditioning machine wasn’t turning off. I didn’t really think that much about it though. I assumed that it had to finish up the cooling cycle that it was on before it turned all the way off. I went to bed and woke up in the middle of the evening because I was feeling entirely cold. That’s when I noticed that the air conditioning machine was still running! I literally could not get my air conditioning machine to stop running. I am going to have to contact my Heating and Air Conditioning specialist about an air conditioning repair. Not because the air conditioning isn’t working, but because it won’t stop working.


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