The amount of hair in my HVAC

The amount of hair in my HVAC, ductwork and air quality has significantly gone up as the months have gone by. When I started out in my little home I had short hair. I have since let my hair grow to almost halfway down my back. I like the look of long hair but not the maintenance. I constantly have hair coming out and clinging to my clothes, hands and laying on the floor. I vacuum, clean my drains and hairbrush constantly. The hair still manages to get sucked up by the HVAC unit and distributed through my HVAC ducts. Maybe it would be okay if I had not adopted a stray cat. There was a cat in the neighborhood with no owner. Poor thing was starving and begging for food. I have slowly brought him into my home. Now the kitty lives with me full time. He loses quite a bit of hair too. I vacuum and lint brush his bed all the time. That also doesn’t seem to matter. Recently I changed my HVAC filter and it was jammed packed with hair. There was my hair and cat fur all inside the HVAC filter. It amazed me the HVAC still ran with that much hair in it. Now I have to change my filter every three weeks rather than month. I also recently had my ductwork cleaned and the HVAC contractor was even grossed out. I think I am going to need to up how much I have him come over too. The HVAC unit could use some cleaning too.


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