The fixer upper house has some HVAC issues

My family and I are fixing up a house to sell.

There are certain aspects of the house that are just amazing.

The new bathroom we installed is great. Everything from the floor to the ceiling is all totally redone and done correct. The bathroom looks like it belongs in a mansion. The living room is giant with a stone fireplace that looks so classy. The new hardwood floors provide a nice color contrast. The HVAC system in the house is something we don’t want highlighted. When my family started fixing up the place, it became apparent there is something wrong with the HVAC. When it turns on, it sounds like the system is really working hard. It makes a loud click on and then the air running sounds like the system is going to die any moment. I feel like the HVAC is running on fumes. I have told my family not to turn it on for whatever reason. We are also hoping to show the house in the fall or spring so that turning the HVAC on is not necessary. The system is only 7 years old. The heating and air conditioning both technically work. When the HVAC operates through, you know that it is not feeling too good. Another issue is that I noticed the ductwork is not straight. When you pop open an air vent, the ductwork is about half exposed. Some HVAC professional installed it wrong. So the HVAC isn’t going to be all that effective with incorrect ductwork. Again, I am hoping nobody realizes this.

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