The Four Major Types Of Heating plus A/C Systems

Unless you work in the Heating plus A/C industry, it’s hard to understand what all the weird terms mean when it comes to buying a new a/c; It’s ok if you don’t know every word that pertains to the industry, however there are a few that are harshly helpful to learn so you know what to look for when shopping around, there are more than three major types of Heating plus A/C systems that you are likely to come across.

Here is a brief overview of each 1, so you can get an system of what to expect.The first type is called a heating plus air conditioning chop system, however split systems are the most official Heating plus A/C systems that you will find in a home.

They consist of components that are both inside, plus outside, the the building. They consist of an cooling system to cool the refrigerant, a furnace for heat, a fan plus ducts to help the air circulate through the building. They are controlled by a temperature control plus sometimes come with other features, such as purifiers plus filters to keep the air clean. The next type is a hybrid heat chop system.It is, essentially, an advanced version of the 1 mentioned above that includes an electric heat pump, and a furnace, so you have the choice to switch between as necessary. The second type is called a duct-free chop heating plus a/c. These are used in sites where the conventional system can’t fit, such as an beach house with undoubtedly tightstorage spaces. They have all the same components as a common Heating plus A/C system, however a lot more compact. The last kind is called a packaged heating plus a/c. These take all the components that a common system has plus combines it into 1 unit, instead of the many pieces. It is primarily used in small offices or studio apartments since the space is quite limited.


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