The Four Major Types Of HVAC Systems

Unless you work in the HVAC industry, it’s hard to understand what all the different terms mean when it comes to buying a new air conditioning system.

It’s ok if you don’t know every word that pertains to the industry, however there are a few that are extremely helpful to learn so you know what to look for when shopping around.

There are four major types of HVAC systems that you are likely to come across. Here is a brief overview of each one, so you can get an idea of what to expect.The first type is called a heating and air conditioning split system. Split systems are the most common HVAC systems that you will find in a home. They consist of components that are both inside, and outside, the the building. They consist of an air conditioner to cool the refrigerant, a furnace for heat, a fan and ducts to help the air circulate through the building. They are controlled by a thermostat and sometimes come with other features, such as purifiers and filters to keep the air clean. The next type is a hybrid heat split system.It is, essentially, an advanced version of the one mentioned above that includes an electric heat pump, as well as a furnace, so you have the option to switch between as necessary. The third type is called a duct-free split heating and air conditioning system. These are used in places where the conventional system can’t fit, such as an apartment with very narrow storage spaces. They have all the same components as a standard HVAC system, but a lot more compact. The last kind is called a packaged heating and air conditioning system. These take all the components that a standard system has and combines it into one unit, instead of the multiple pieces. It is primarily used in small offices or studio apartments since the space is quite limited.


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