The rain was very enjoyable with my heating device

I undoubtedly appreciate it when it rains outside, the way the air quality feels, the way the trees blow plus the general smell of rain.

I especially appreciate it when it rains in the fall months.

I appreciate nothing more than to enjoy the rain by leaving the window cracked in my living room, resting by it plus having my portable space heating device working. My portable space heating device just adds that special feeling to the already existing beauty of the rain. I would never turn on my central heating device when I do this process during a rainstorm. That is because the central heating device would overwork itself with the window open plus cause me to have a more costly electric bill. That is why I have my portable space heater. I don’t crank the portable space heating device either. I have it on the lowest setting on the temperature control unit that comes on the portable space heating device. If I was to crank the space heating device it would entirely ruin the feeling that I have within the air quality coming from the elegant plus nice rain coming down outside. I originally began doing this by sheer mistake. One day when it was raining I was resting by the window with it cracked slightly to take in the good air quality plus smell. When I got a little chilly, at this point I decided to turn on my portable space furnace to take some of the chill out of the air. And the category of air quality it created while mixing with the air quality from the rain outside blew me away entirely.

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