You don’t know what you will come across.

Many people don’t appreciate the comfort their homes afford them until it is taken away.

Nature has a way of turning on us and taking away everything we tend to take for granted.

It seems to come along suddenly and you have no way of escaping its wrath. Most homes today have all the comforts of modern day. They have air ventilation systems, HVAC units, WiFi controlled thermostat, and even radiant heated flooring which can make life simple. Comforts are one of those things that people crave and it is a simple thing to achieve if you work hard enough. If you buy a home that needs repairs, you can usually count on the HVAC system lasting until it is time to install a new one. There can always be things that happen that upset the timeline you have set for yourself. When I moved into my home, I was done with the big renovations, but I was hoping the air conditioning would hold out until after we had our Fourth of July picnic. Can you imagine having a party, it’s ninety degrees outside, and the air conditioning breaks. Most of the younger people stay outside, but there are a lot of elderly people in our family. They stay inside with the air conditioning. If the air conditioning goes out, they have no AC to keep them safe. I remember what it was like when I went to a family’s house to visit. I slept on the couch and the air conditioning shut off in the living room after midnight. I wouldn’t want to relive that again, and I don’t want my guests to go without air conditioning when they are visiting.


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