Becoming an HVAC technician is a tradition in my family

Some families have traditions that they hold near and dear to their heart.

My family is no exception, the tradition in our family is to become a heating and cooling technician.

It all started with my great grandfather, who passed it on to his son, my grandfather, and then my father followed next and now it is my turn to carry the torch. What I love about my family is that while we have our traditions, the kids are never pressured to have to become a heating and cooling professional, but it is encouraged and welcomed if you decide to continue the family tradition. I have always looked up to my dad and grandpa and wanted to be as great as they are. So I started taking steps in High School to achieve my goal of becoming a heating and cooling worker. I studied hard in school so I would have a high GPA, and that high GPA allowed me to get into the college I wanted that would teach me how to go about becoming a HVAC professional. I studied hard once more in college so I could get my heating and air conditioning certification. I was doing good, and I managed to take all the right steps and I passed and successfully became certified. I then spent the next several months job hunting and applying at many different HVAC businesses. Now is the time where all my work is coming together, because I have already lined up my first job and I start tomorrow. I have mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness but I am confident with my skills and the support of my family that I will do just fine.


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