Ending up in a couples fitness class alone

When my boyfriend Kyle and I were together, we signed up for all sorts of fun couples activities. We went on a sailboat tour together, enrolled in a cooking class, signed up for ballroom dance lessons and enrolled in a couples fitness class together. We broke up a few months later, and it got sort of awkward. We weren’t overly comfortable doing the classes as a pair anymore but we were reluctant to give up on the investment. Kyle and I ended up dividing up who got to keep going to which class. He took the ballroom dancing class and used his cousin as a partner and I kept going to the couples fitness class. We had signed up for a six month block and I still had five months left to complete. Since I don’t have a sibling, cousin or neighbor who would want to do the class with me, I am the only single woman among the couples. Thank goodness the personal trainer running the class has taken pity on me. He is now my regular partner. This is both a benefit and a drawback. On one hand, I receive one on one personal attention from an expert. I am enjoying a way better workout than I ever did with Kyle as a partner. The trainer won’t let me slow down, slack off of give up. He is continually pushing me to complete one more rep, go longer, and move faster. On the other hand, I am especially sore after class. It’s typically difficult to shampoo and comb my hair. I have trouble going up and down stairs. I am hoping the personal trainer will start to like me after spending so much time together. I would be delighted if he’d ask me out on a date. Since I’m a sweaty, panting mess the whole class, I am thinking my chances aren’t good.

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