Getting healthy with help

I have really never been all that great at taking suggestions or accepting guidance.

That’s been true in many, many aspects of my life. However, I’m trying to change that with fitness coaching. I have a real behavioral cycle when it comes to gym memberships. Signing up for the gym membership has been something than I have shown great proficiency at being able to do. It’s the maintaining and using the gym membership that I need real work on. When I decided that I wanted to joining the local gym, I made a pact with myself first. That pact was that I would not only be willing to seek fitness coaching, I would seek it out from the beginning. I chose to do this because I really need to take better care of my health and gym is a big part of that. So when I went into the gym this time, I took a tour and spoke with a fitness professional. She was great and really listened to my fitness goal and health plans. This personal trainer showed me all of the different group fitness training classes that I could be a part of. This would allow me to get training and direction along with a lot of other people. And it would provide a sense of community for me as well. This was so appealing. No longer would I simply be trying to figure out a workout program on my own. I wouldn’t be flailing around on equipment that I didn’t understand just how to use. This gym membership is going to be a valuable addition to my life for sure.

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