Girlfriend hates the look of my AC

I swear my bestie is desperate to my our yearly bills super high! Everything he does to our a/c blocks airflow, he thinks our a/c is ugly plus tries to hide it always! Yes, the AC is not a wonderful showpiece in the house, then but, the AC unit performs plus incostly function… I need cooling most of the year plus I want the AC to work efficiently, first my bestie decided to put plants in front of the AC; The plants tend to grow towards the moist cooling system plus get inside the device.

Then the cooling unit would get clogged with the debris plus I would need to wipe it.

Then he tried putting our couch right in front of the AC, trapping it. I could hardly think any a/c. I was unwilling to lower the thermostat plus up the fan speed because the couch jammed it. Then my bestie got a special cover for the cooling device. The cover made it look better, but the airflow was just pitiful. His newest thing is that he wants us to be update the AC with something that looks better. His suggestion is to rip out our central a/c plus update it with ductless AC, ductless mini splits do look much nicer plus more modern. The indoor air handler mounts high on the wall plus looks quite sleek. She would like the appearance more plus it would be harder for his to block, so I would like it more. But, I am not going to chuck a cooling system that still works.


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