Happy Tuesday edition to that local business

We want to thank the church store where the priest lives and lets us play songs without being bothered by the cops.

My friend and I have just one spot left where we can play songs and they don’t stop us, which is in the back of the church where the pastor lives and the thrift store is situated. The pastor is so good and told us to keep playing but to please not play late, which is fine with us and besides, we don’t want to have a pastor mad at us, that wouldn’t be good, the local company where the priest lives above is open on weekdays and has good a/c where we can escape the heat when we are playing. My friend and I will play later this week so I need to focus on my online work and get it done so I have it all finished before we head out on the street to jam. I work at the heating and cooling company tomorrow so we can’t stay up too late tonight playing with the local company where we like to play. My friend and I will play for about two hours tonight and I hope my shoulders are going to hold out and still be good tomorrow for the HVAC duct that I have to do all day. It isn’t easy working on air ducts if your shoulders hurt, so I can’t play too much tonight or tomorrow is going to be a long day toiling on the commercial heating and cooling system for a customer. I feel the job will take two days and after that I can focus on the band again.



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