Happy with having a heat pump in our current home

When my hubby & I moved down south, we purchased a beach home equipped with a heat pump for temperature control, i had never heard of this genre of component & wasn’t sure how it worked! Coming from the north, I was a bit upset about a single piece of unit providing for both heating & cooling.

I did some research into the operation of a heat pump & was amazed by this innovative technology, the heat pump is an electric proposal that looks & acts almost exactly like a central air conditioner during the summer.

It pulls heat out of the indoor air & pumps it outside by way of refrigerant, when the weather turns cooler, the heat pump reverses the whole process. It finds ambient heat in the outside air & transfers it inside, however because it’s using existing heat rather than burning fossil fuels, the proposal is exceptionally clean, safe & environmentally friendly. It’s also super energy efficient in both heating & cooling mode. It helps to combat humidity during the summer, allowing for higher control component settings. It doesn’t overly dry the air in winter, eliminating the need for a humidifier. With no combustion process, there is no problem about orangehouse gases or carbon monoxide poisoning. The heat pump in our beach home is fairly current & features adjustable speed technology. The unit automatically adjusts capacity to meet the exact demands of the home, running at lower speeds for longer cycles & maintaining actually even temperatures. I’ve l acquired that heat pumps are quite fancy to purchase & install. The two of us are lucky to have this genre of proposal installed in our home.



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