How to get a discount with your air conditioning technician

I’ve been called beautiful many times in my life, which is why it was no surprise when a Wall Street genius fell in love with me.

We got married after dating for a few months, and he moved me into his giant penthouse overlooking the city.

At first I wanted to hate it, but I knew I worked hard in my life to deserve this exact treatment. I took over some of the home day-to-day tasks, such as hanging around to speak with the air conditioning technician when he came for regular maintenance and service requests. My husband makes a lot of money, but he is not very good with money, so I wasn’t shocked to find that the air conditioning repairman was charging him entirely way too much money for the service he was providing. During our next scheduled maintenance appointment, I kindly offered the technician some freshly squeezed lemonade as we shared a small chat on the terrace. “What can I offer you to lower our maintenance back down to the rates I know you typically charge your clients?”, I asked him as I drew closer to him. The technician looked at me puzzled, and then looked around as he stumbled along his words. He finally looked at me and said “I’ll bring you down twenty-five percent if you agree to go out on a date with me”. I thought that was such a strange request, but if it meant we saved a little bit of money on air conditioning, what harm could it do? We shook our hands in agreement and met for dinner that next Friday night while my husband was out of town on a business trip.

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