How to stop my AC from freezing

My partner and I have an air conditioner that just keeps freezing over.

  • Every Summer all of us know that one afternoon the home is going to be warm and stuffy.

Then my partner will inspect the outdoor device plus find a huge chunk of ice… Online says that your Heating, Ventilation plus A/C component must be entirely gross. Both of us have used an air compressor to blow all the dirt out of it. I have replaced the air conditioning filter, cleaned the inner workings plus even called a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business. It doesn’t make a difference, all of us are getting the frozen A/C device regardless. The last time all of us had a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company come over I asked if there was a part all of us could replace to stop this issue. I was willing to spend a lot of cash to not deal with an icy unit. The guy told me that the device was so old, making an update on it would be idiotic. He said our a/c was on its last breath. He commanded just waiting it out, not switching a thing. He said when it dies, just buy a brand new unit. For now, he told me to take a hair dryer plus melting the ice off the device when it happened. So for years now that is what my partner plus I have been doing. Both of us have joked that all of us have the Anthony Hopkins of the a/c units. He is seasoned but totally dependable. I believe that A/C device is going to outlive my partner plus I. Both of us will need to just thaw it out every year plus not demand too much cooling from the unit. Then all will be well.

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