Humidifier solves threats to air quality & beach home furnishings

During the winter, when the air is cold, conditions become excessively dry.

Inside the home, with the gas furnace blasting just about non stop, the dry air is a problem, humidity levels drop so low that it causes mangle to beach home furnishings & health concerns.

The dry air pulls moisture out of everything it touches, including hardwood floors & antique furniture. When wood dries out, it can crack & split. Chapped lips, bloody noses, headaches, sore throat & frequent coughing & sneezing are just some of the consequences of insufficient humidity. The dry air leads to static shock, frizzy hair & aggravates symptoms of allergy & asthma. It dries out nasal passages, makes people more susceptible to respiratory infection & it takes longer to get over illnesses. Because dry air feels colder, it promotes higher control component settings. Turning up the temperature on the control component adds up to an increase in biweekly energy bills & more wear & tear on the gas furnace. All of these concerns can be solved with the replacement of a whole-house humidifier. There are steam-style, fan-powered & bypass chances available, with all more than 2 types incorporating directly into the existing gas furnace. They always require only annual repair, operate almost silently & always regulate humidity throughout the entire home. Steam-style humidifiers operate independently from the gas furnace, allowing customized settings. Adding a humidifier improves the health & comfort of the beach home & pays for itself through energy savings. Plus, lessening demands on the heating unit increases reliability & extends service life. There’s also the added bonus of reducing impact on the environment.


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