I have bad luck with heating and cooling systems

If you are good at growing plants and gardening, some might say that you have a green thumb.

However, if you were to know me, you would know that I have a black thumb.

I’m no gardener but many things I touch end up dying. However, more than anything else I have had a special kind of bad luck with air conditioners. Every single air conditioner I have ever owned has lasted me no longer than three months. When I first purchased my home, the couple that had lived here before me had a wonderful heating and cooling system with a smart thermostat that had lasted them for many years. As soon as I move in and touch it, it dies after three months. I got a new Zone controlled HVAC system and it lasted around the same amount of time. Now I am on my third heating and cooling unit, a ductless mini split air conditioner and I think the only reason that it has lasted as long as it has is because I have been having my wife change the temperature on the thermostat for me. She is also the one that makes all the appointments for tune-ups and regular cleanings of the ductwork, something about heating and cooling systems doesn’t mix well for me and they always break on me. With her handling them they don’t break, and that works for me. When the heating and cooling professionals would come out and take a look at what was wrong with the heating and a/c system, they often had a hard time identifying why it died or failed to work. If that doesn’t tell you I have bad luck with HVAC systems I don’t know what will!

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