I just wanted to see the kids after the crappy day I had

I often have to be patient and kind, even when I don’t want to be.

It is a known rule and customer service by the customer is always right.

It’s impossible to keep clients if we don’t make sure they are happy and satisfied. There are a lot of ways that a dissatisfied customer can retaliate, especially now that there is the internet and social media. Business could be over if one disgruntled customer decides to start a smear campaign against the company. I had a residential furnace repair on Friday and it was my last job of the day. It had already been a very busy day and I wasn’t looking forward to another furnace repair. I was hopeful that the job would be over quickly, so I could go home before it got dark. The customer was very upset when I arrived. Someone on the phone told her that I was going to be there at 2 p.m. and I did not arrive until 4 pm. I apologized to the customer for the misunderstanding and I assured her that I was still helping someone else at that time. The customer told me where the furnace was located. She had boxes and bags of garbage all over the place. I barely found my way navigating through all of the crash. I identified the issue with the furnace and I went out to my truck to write an invoice for the estimate. I came back into the customer’s home and she had a meltdown when she saw the estimate. I don’t know why she thought the work was going to be cheap.

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