I was tired of my thermostat having problems

I’m not really sure what has been going on with my thermostat recently.

It has been having a lot of problems, and if I am being honest, I kind of wonder if I messed it up.

So I have had this thermostat for several years without issue. The thermostat is the dial thermostat kind, not anything super fancy. However, one of my friends, who has a smart thermostat, was asking me how to install their smart thermostat and was wondering whether they should have a heating and cooling professional do it for them. I told them they didn’t need to have a HVAC tech do it for them, and that it was incredibly simple. I showed them by removing my thermostat and installing theirs. I then removed theirs and gave it back to them. While I had my thermostat removed though, I had placed it in a bad spot. I put it outside, and in my area it is known for having high humidity. I kind of wondered if the humidity messed it up, because now it is showing a partial blank screen. My house also has issues with humidity, but usually I can control it with a dehumidifier as well as keeping my cooling unit running. However, I am a little late to getting my dehumidifier out this year, and so the humidity is higher than usual. Anyways, I decided that I should just go ahead and buy a new thermostat. I am thinking of going for a smart thermostat. I have heard a lot of great things about those advanced smart thermostats.


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