I was unable to deal with the headaches

Last month when I was at work, A co-worker dropped a screwdriver on top of my head.

The guy was working on a rooftop AC.

I was resting below with the ladder being held in my hand. I wasn’t absolutely paying attention to everything that was going on, but neither was our coworker Jack. The guy tossed a screwdriver over the side of the roof plus it landed on top of my head. It sure is a good thing it didn’t land in a way that impaled my body. It still hit me with a pretty big side plus I had a bump on my head for several afternoons. After the accident, I started to experience some pretty miserable headaches. I took a couple of Ibuprofen plus Tylenol plus credited the headaches to getting hit in the head. I did not consider the injury to be life-threatening until the headaches became too much to bear. Three afternoons after the accident, I was working on an AC equipment repair plus I was alone. I was inside of a property working on an AC problem by myself, however my head started to ache severely plus I closed my eyes. I must have passed out for several hours. I woke up plus I had no idea in the least how much time had passed. After that, I called my boss plus I told him that I entirely needed to go to the emergency room. I never filled out an accident report earlier that month or even mentioned the headaches, so he was entirely surprised. He had me fill out an accident report before we made the choice to go to the emergency room.



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