I’m Glad The HVAC Technician Was Able To Fix It

I’ve been experiencing issues with my furnace.

I know it’s the beginning of summer and most people are transitioning from heat to air, but where I live, summer heat doesn’t exist.

Summer is technically from June to September, but in this region, summer is considered to be between July and August. Even then, the temperature doesn’t reach past 75 degrees. 75 degrees is warm, but I can normally open my doors and windows to allow the breeze to pass through and it’s fine. I very rarely use air conditioning. I still have a month or so before the temperatures rise, so I’ve been using my furnace during the evenings when the temperature is the chilliest. Recently though, my furnace has been making odd noises and not heating my home efficiently. I didn’t pick up on the issue until I received my energy bill in the mail and I noticed that I was paying $50 more than normal. This significant increase in price was abnormal, especially since I wasn’t running my furnace all day. I didn’t have any experience in the HVAC industry, so the only thing I could do was contact an HVAC professional. Thankfully, the HVAC professional was able to squeeze me in the following afternoon. He serviced my furnace for over an hour, but he had it heating my house properly afterwards. I’m glad he was able to fix it right then and there, because I didn’t want to run my furnace inefficiently anymore! I’m thankful for my HVAC technician.


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