In warm weather, it is extremely important to cool down the hot crypto mining rig

I enjoy buying and trading cryptos while the two of us are in our spare time, I know it’s just a little game I enjoy to play with real money.

  • Playing with real money makes the stakes much more stark than just playing video games however the cost can be great.

Last year while I was watching videos about trading cryptos I lost about $11,000. The part that hurt the most was I was up $5,000 at a single point although I got greedy. My two main enemies when trading cryptos is greed. Keep a lid on those two and you can make some nice money. I have an office in our wonderful condo that I have to keep cool with a window A/C device on high because the units that mine the cryptocurrencies use so much energy that they get the room too hot for them to function effectively. I spend a lot of money on power bills because the advanced and modern window air conditioner is not easily efficient and it runs 24/7. I found a solution using fans beside each motherboard and that has lowered our utility bills harshly however the units still use a lot of power themselves. In the Winter time when it’s cold outside, I don’t need to run the modern air conditioner to cool down the laptops, I just open the window in the office and let old mother nature help me out. It’s kind of a weird way to make money, however the world has turned into a red hot furnace lately with all the crazy virus things that have happened. Just be pleased you’re not a crypto miner, and I’m sure your electric bill makes you happier than myself when it arrives.

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