Indoor and outdoor running are very different

When my friend Mary suggested we run a marathon, I was all excited.

I run every morning before work at the local gym.

I prefer a specific treadmill located right under the AC vent and close by the locker room. I run for an entire hour and I have put up some impressive times. Sometimes, I change things up and head to the gym after work. That way, I can let myself run as long as I want. I have impressive stamina when it comes to running. I assumed a marathon would be no big deal because I have run long distances without getting fatigued. What I did not realize is that marathons run outside are very different from running inside. I decided to run outdoors and see what it’s like. It had been a long time since I wore outdoor sneakers and was exposed to the elements. I quickly came to understand that there are different types of runners. I am not happy running outdoors. The weird slant of the roadside, potholes and cars were a huge problem for me. I was constantly on the lookout for mean dogs, traffic and weather changes. I didn’t have my water bottle handy the way I do on a treadmill. I also worried about needing to pee. My feet, ankles and knees started killing me after only a few minutes of running. I also sweated profusely and as a result, developed issues with acne and a severe rash. I decided not to sign up for the marathon. I will stick with my gym routine. I get a great workout running on the treadmill every day. I prefer having weather conditions under control, access to water and everything I need within easy reach.

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