It took a big truck to do this

I work for a moving and storage company that hauls all kinds of stuff every single weekday.

Most recently we had a challenging job to do.

We had to move a commercial heating and air conditioning system from this huge office building to another location where they were moving their businesses to. In order to do this we had to actually rent out a huge moving truck bigger than the ones we have available here at the moving and storage company. That was a task of its own to be able to do that. We had to call around to all sorts ot trucking companies until we found the right one. And it was a pricey cost too! But we just charged the customer for it so we were good. After all, they were a big corporation. Anyway, moving this monster sized commercial heating and air conditioning system onto the truck was a huge task. It took 6 of us and a big dollie to wheel it onto the moving truck. Then when it came time to unload it took 6 of us again, but this time we had to actually wheel the commercial heating and air conditioning system all the way to the other side of the new building. By the end of the day I was ready to just die! All I wanted to do was go home and actually relax and then sleep in the indoor comfort of my own central heating and air conditioning system. That day I will never forget. It was the biggest job we had in all the time I have been working here.


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