It was relaxing at the summertime parade this year

In our town, we typically enjoy lots of downtown celebrations.

One of the things that I care about doing most is the summertime parade… The summertime parade always happens in July sometime.

Truly, it is not the same as the Fourth of July parade, and if they ever start being politically typical so much that they call the 4th of July parade a summertime parade, I will quickly boycott it. Anyway I digress. This year I headed over to the summertime parade although I actually did not wish to stick around. It is harshly tepid here in the summertime, and as I grow older I find it increasingly hard to put up with the heat and humidity. Anyway, this unique year, I found myself staying. The reason is pretty easy. The summertime parade sponsor was a Heating and A/C machine corporation! The heating and cooling supplier brought out a/c for everybody! They had portable a/c machines set up in tents all over the locale. The parade route was just full of a/c machines. All these A/C units were essentially like a blessing. Also, I discovered that when their float came floating by, the hair on the young ladies was blowing in the wind. I thought at first that it was just because they were moving, but of course, that was not the case. They had portable a/c machines on their float! The young men and ladies who were fortunate enough to ride on the heating and cooling float were the luckiest of all. I know it is amazing that this year our summertime parade sponsor chose to offer a bunch of a/c machines because nothing could have made me stay other than that. I am pretty sure the other Vendors were cheerful too, because I stayed long enough to spend more currency.

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