Keeping active when traveling

I do a lot of traveling, both for my job and for pleasure.

I like visiting new destinations and checking out the sites.

I don’t enjoy the actual traveling to reach the location. Riding in a car, on a bus, train or airplane is tedious and aggravating. Sitting in a terminal for hours at a time is horrible. I quickly get bored. I also tend to get tired, stiff, sore and deal with headaches. I’ve found that keeping active is the best way to combat the negative aspects of traveling. No matter when I’m scheduled to leave, I make an effort to get in a strenuous workout beforehand. If I can devote an hour to stretching, aerobics and strength training, I feel more energized for the rest of the day. I need to get my heart rate elevated and work up a decent sweat prior to spending long hours just sitting and being sedentary. While I’m traveling, I take every opportunity to stand up and walk around. If I have an hour layover at an airport, I explore the terminal. I try to walk at a brisk pace and always opt for the stairs rather than taking an escalator. I also stretch my various muscles. Even if I only have a couple minutes and limited space, I use the chance to rotate my hands and feet, tilty my head back and forth and bend down and touch my toes. I do a few lunges and squats and work my shoulders. I get some strange looks when I’m contorting my body into different positions in the middle of an airport terminal or bus station, but I don’t care. It helps to avoid being in pain later on. I have also learned that I need to drink plenty of water when traveling. It’s easy to get dehydrated, which then leads to headaches.

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