Kickboxing ruined my cooling system

I can’t think that I managed to completely destroy my cooling system.

It is absolutely all my fault… My dad is absolutely going to kill myself and others because he just purchased this cooling system a few weeks ago.

My dad purchased a truly nice window cooling system for my room. I had been complaining that my room was hot compared to the rest of the house, where the central cooling system was working, our home is an old cement house, and the Heating and Air Conditioning contractors that installed the central cooling system told my father that it would be nearly impossible to install a new duct for the cooling system in my room. My dad figured that my room would cool down because every other room was cold, however whenever my door was closed at night, I got no cool air from the cooling system. My dad listened to my complaints, and he decided to purchase a new cooling system for my room! Unluckyly, I have taken to practicing martial arts in my home office, and it got a little out of hand, a friend and I were sparring, and I tried to do a spinny kick to knock him down; Sadly, I missed my target and managed to kick the cooling system instead. Normally, I would have expected that the cooling system would be cracked however fine. Instead, the cooling system fell out of the window and down stories onto the ground. I am not sure how I am going to explain this to my dad without being grounded forever, and there is no way he will buy myself and others a new cooling system.


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