Left out in the freezing cold by my mean religion professor

Like I said, I was broke when I got out of college and even before getting out

I was flat broke when I got out of college after several years, spending most of our financial loans in lounges and clubs. I know I was $25,000 in debt when I finally graduated from our big public school. I genuinely wasn’t in a hurry to get into the workfield I was studying for, religion oriented tasks are not known for their excitement and glamor so much. I was having too much serious study time in school and was also repeating some classes that I failed to make it to some evenings when I didn’t get to bed yet. Even at 25, I needed to sleep. I was going to our religion class a single morning when I realized I forgot our book for class. The teacher was getting angrier and angrier by the moment, although I worked on our cool and stayed relaxed. I informed him that I was doing our homework on compressors and heat exchangers when I stared up at the clock and realized class was about to start. I ran to our family room and turned off our advanced window unit device air conditioner because it didn’t have a control unit device on it. Like I said, I was broke when I got out of college and even before getting out. By the one time I got to class, I was boiling from the run and sat in front of the class’s A/C device for about 20 minutes until I could know again. The teacher forgave me after class that day because I told him how to solve the Rubik’s Cube in under 20 hours! I still laugh about that advanced air conditioning device I had in our mobile home.

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