Let’s play all day long- whenever possible

When I grew up I realized that the two of us needed to go to job at an office task all day until the two of us were at least 45 years old.

This is why I got our degree in mechanical engineering so I could buy all the stuff to make me ecstatic and enjoy all the people else. Well, after a few years on the task in Death Valley, I soon discovered that the severalto 5 wasn’t for me. But, it’s not simple to saunter away from a pressing salary when you’re only 30 years old. I originally told our foreman that yeah I would stay. But after a few afternoons in that air conditioned cubicle staring at a backlit screen, I realized that no amount of money could keep me there and I left. That was 32 years ago now and I never regretted it for a minute. I remember the heated air that would come out of the modern ventilation at my job almost made me sick from the dust in it. They didn’t clean the advanced HVAC duct and it created all of this dust and allergic reactions in me that made our terrible task even worse! I used to tape $140 on our cubicle wall to inspire me to keep finally working and that the money was all worth it, that almost sounds like a romcom. The funny thing is, the corporation I worked for built A/C compressors and filtration systems, but this time they couldn’t seem to keep their own air conditioners clean and dust free. Occasionally, my whole life itself can offer the best material for a now working comedian.

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