Meeting new people through fitness classes

I earned a promotion at work.

The new job title required me to move to an area where I did not know anyone. I was concerned over how I would manage to make new friends. The office setting is always hustling and bustling. It is a challenge to find any opportunity to chat with coworkers, meet for drinks and make friends. I needed to find friends elsewhere. I started thinking over what type of people I would best connect with. I don’t want friends who only want to hang out at bars all the time. I was uncomfortable attempting to make friends with a waitress or someone I saw at the grocery store. I found that signing up for a group fitness class was the best option. I invested in a gym membership and enrolled in as many classes as I could work into my schedule. I take a yoga class, spin class and a kickboxing class. I have met several guys around my age in the kickboxing and spin class. I am close to considering a few of them actual friends. The yoga class is mainly women. I have a girl that I have been chatting up and hoping to ask out on a date. The social benefits of the fitness classes are why I originally signed up. I have realized that I’m enjoying the physical rewards and having something active to do. It is a break from work and makes me feel good about myself. I have more energy and sleep more soundly at night. The cost of the class is negligible for what I get out of it.
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