Moving my bike workout indoors

One day per week, I participate in a spin class at the gym.

When I lived in the country, I had easy access to a bike path. Nearly everyday, for my workout, I would ride my bike to the soccer field. It was about a six mile ride. I could then turn around and head home or exercise at the field. Most of the time, I’d bring a jump rope, yoga mat, speaker and water with me. I’d go through cardio drills, push ups, abdominal crunches, lunges and sprints up and down the field. I’d spend about 40 minutes and then head home. It was a very beneficial and tiring workout and I enjoyed being outside. Once I received a promotion at work and was required to move to the city, I lost access to the bike path. Biking in my new neighborhood turned out to be rather dangerous. The cars don’t watch for bikers and there are no designated paths to use. I was always worried about and stopping for vehicles. There were no parks or fields nearby where I could do my cardio exercises. I ended up investing in a gym membership that includes personal training options. A few days per week I workout on my own at the gym. I enjoy running on the treadmill, pedaling a stationary bike and lifting weights. One day per week, I participate in a spin class at the gym. It is advantageous to have a professional guiding the workout on the bike and determine the inclines and resistance. I had never biked with other people before. I wish we could move the class outside, but this is the next best thing. I also get the benefit of AC and a bathroom closeby.

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