My best friend has an ad

I was chilling out with my younger sibling a few afternoons ago, plus all of us had visited because season more than one of our favorite TV series was coming out.

  • This is a reason to celebrate for us, plus I decided to watch the 1st few episodes of season more than one together.

It went well, even with all of the online ads in the way. However, I almost spit out my cheery coke when my best friend Ed’s ad for her heating plus cooling company came on the screen! Now all the people would really wonder why that was weird. It’s because if you suppose anything about Ed, she is pretty against technology. Although Ed has her own Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C business, for a long time, Ed did not use new technology at all, she used aged fashioned methods of getting her corporation heard. When I would bring up this subject of online marketing to try plus help him, Ed would completely dismiss me, plus then go on a rant about how much she hated the internet plus thought things could go back to how they used to be, times were much easier than plus so on. I never imagined Ed would try digital marketing! After my sibling plus I were done with seeing the series, I drove back home. When I arrived home, I instantly called my neighbor plus told him I saw her ad. Ed told myself and others that she had to try some different form of advertising, because the air conditioning company wasn’t doing so well anymore, plus it was at risk of going out of business. I didn’t know that! I was truthfully quite proud of him for trying something that she didn’t like. Ed really told myself and others that using online marketing was pretty smart plus not too bad at all.


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