My cooling system is blowing hot air

I think that I may of gotten ripped off by 1 of our neighbors.

You see, a neighbor of mine had a yard sale last week, plus I went over to check it out, and there were not many things that I was interested in, although I did see an cooling system… It looked brand new. I asked our neighbor about the cooling system, plus he said that it was indeed brand new, he said that it works perfectly well, however he just did not have a use for it. I told him that I would give him thirty dollars for it, however he refused saying that it was worth more than that since it was brand new, plus it was also a absolutely costly name brand. He said that the lowest he would take would be sixty dollars, andI agreed to the price, then a few afternoons later, I decided that it was time to install our new cooling system, so I did. I turned it on, plus to our surprise, it started blowing hot air. I tried to change the settings to see if it would make a difference, however it did nothing. I called our neighbor plus asked him if there was anything special that he did, however he said that it should labor fine, plus he made sure to make it clear that I was not going to get our money back no matter what! Looking back he acted a little unusual when I was asking him about the cooling system in the first site, so I have suspicions that he knew that the cooling system did not work, however he just needed some extra cash, so he ripped myself and others off. I will never think for sure, however now, I am stuck with a broken cooling system.


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