My favorite sandwich shop just got a new air conditioner and air purifier

The office I work out of is in a strip mall.

When I applied to work here I thought I would hate it, but it’s nice being able to walk to the grocery store on my lunch hour if I don’t bring lunch from home.

This store has a great deli counter and several meal options from their large steam table. You can get a takeout container and purchase a lunch with chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese, and french fries. Until recently, this is where I would walk to get lunch in the afternoon. Now there is a brand new sandwich shop in the same strip mall. They had their grand opening ceremony two months ago and were selling their sandwiches for 50% off that day. I immediately fell in love with their club sandwich with all of the different meats on it. They also sell veggie wraps and other vegetarian options for people who don’t eat meat. As much as I love this sandwich shop, their air conditioner at first wasn’t great. Their place always felt too hot when I walked inside, but since I never sat down to eat it didn’t bother me. When I showed up last week, I was amazed when I felt the rush of cold air the second I opened the door. I asked the gal behind the counter about it and she proudly said the store has a new air conditioning system and air purifier. They were operating with the old HVAC system that was in place when they started renting the building. Now they have an upgraded heating and cooling system that is capable of air purifying at the same time. I might eat my sandwich at one of their tables the next time I go.

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