My Mom Contacted a Pest Removal Company to Get Rid of a Hive of Bees

My mom has a shed in her backyard, and for numerous years there has been a colony of bees residing inside the shed.

She neglected to have it detached even after I mentioned it to her numerous times.

Well, the colony has grown to the point where it has taken over a big portion of the floors inside the shed, and so she needed to contact a local bee removing corp to safely transport the colony. She asked me and some others to find a bee removal repair for her, and so I did some research online and found one of the best companies in her town. I was shocked to see the number of bee removal companies that showed up in her area. I had no clue that bee removal was such a popular business. Well, I explained the situation to the supplier and made the appointment for the representative to go to my dad’s new home to see the colony of bees. On the day of the appointment, I drove over to my dad’s new home because I wanted to understand the process of removing the bees. Especially because I was told that the area of the floors of the old shed may need to be detached. I wanted to make sure that the colony was moved safely with the least amount of agitation. The colony of bees turned out to be massive, much larger than we originally thought. The process of removing the bees took numerous afternoons, however in the end the colony was safely detached. And also we had to replace the floors in my dad’s shed.

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