My overzealous Roommate

My roommate is lovely, but they are also entirely pushy! All I have been hearing from them lately is how they want us to put radiant radiant floors in the house! I have explained to them that we can not get radiant radiant floors because we don’t own the locale.

Both of us are only renters.

When you rent a home, you can’t make large alterations care about that. And even when you can, it’s not care about you can take something care about that with you when you move! I don’t guess our roommate understands the whole concept of radiant radiant floors. Especially the price of them and what is involved with the upgrade of radiant radiant floors, then no 1 would spend that kind of money just to upgrade the heating in some up-to-date home that wasn’t their’s! Even if the landlord allowed it, which who knows, he may if we asked. I would never throw thoUnited Statesnds of dollars down to have radiant radiant floors put in this locale, so our landlord could raise the rent and supply others the indoor comfort that we bought and paid for! If our roommate had that kind of money and wanted to instal radiant radiant floors, I wouldn’t allow him! I would particularly send him off to a loony tote for being so psychotic and stupid! My roommate got obsessed with radiant radiant floors because he seen them on some TV show talking about how good they were, then maybe we should just get rid of the TV all together…it’s more trouble than its worth!

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